Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Vaastu tips for women

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Put a family photograph in South Western Direction for better harmony.

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Keep a basil plant (Tulsi Plant) and pearls and crystals in the Northern Direction for prosperity.

Ensure that there are no overhead beams running through the centre of the house, or it would lead to a disturbed mind.

Avoid having a toilet in the North-East, South-East (corner) and Centre (Brahmasthan) of the house which brings ill health.
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Heavy furniture should not be kept in the middle of the House, as it is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept as empty as possible.

Try to avoid bigger windows in south west and have bigger windows in Northern Direction for success if the woman is working.

Avoid sleeping with your head in North Direction during pregnancy. You should always sleep in a bedroom in the southern direction.
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Paintings of dragons, war and other violent images are a strict no-no. They evoke tensions and feelings of unhappiness. Avoid cruel pictures.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try sleeping with your head in the South Direction, so as to maintain the natural polarity of your body and health of both yourself and your foetus.

Image result for blue wallThe colour blue has cooling qualities. A night bulb emanating soft blue light in the night would be very calming. However, violet, indigo, purple are suggested for the walls. Avoid red in the bedroom.

Meditate and practice breathing exercises while sitting in the North-Eastern corner of your house. According to Vaastu, the North-East is ruled by 'Easanya', (Almighty God) thereby indicating that it is a very important and a spiritually elevated zone.
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If you are feeling weak, tired, or are ill, try spending time in the East of your House. The East is believed to be ruled by Indra, the God of war and weather. Hence, Indra has power over the rising sun, which is believed to have power over the bones, eye, heart, spinal cord and blood circulation.

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