Thursday, October 8, 2015

Vastu tips for better finance and wealth

1. Add uniqueness to your front door to attract wealth inside. Make it dazzle, shine and sparkle. The main door has to be well decorated and fix auspicious symbols.

2. If money tends to disappear from your life, place a solid, heavy metal object in south - west corner of your house.

3. Large open spaces in the north attract wealth.At the same time remove all obstacles and storages from north.

4. Use pearl and green colors in the northern zone.

5. Locate the cupboard or safe for keeping cash and jewelry in the south or south-west. It should open towards the north, the direction of kuber. Keep the north-east portion of the house open and free from clutter. Never have astaircase at  this location 

6. Make water bodies in the north,underground water tanks can be in this zone, avoid underground tanks in southern zone.

7. Always sit facing north. Make all seating arrangements along the southern and western wall.

8. Never have a dripping faucet or plumbing as it drains the finances of the house.