Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vastu To Prevent Theft

  • Do not place yourvaluables and cash inNorth-west corner as it enhance chances of robbery.
  • Do not give your servantsSouth-west area of home as it changes the tendency of servants to commit robbery and poses threat to danger.
  • Entrance or main door must be bigger than the other doors of houses.
  • Total number of doors should be count in even number such as 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 but avoid ten doors because having ten doors is inauspicious.
  • The main door should have two opening shutters.
  • Single door in East or North is good while South is inauspicious.
  • Doors should not be in straight line.
  • Keep pictures or decorative pieces of sacred symbol Om, Swastik, Laxmi, and Ganesh.
  • Avoid keeping Ganesh idol in the outside door in such a way that when you enter you see Ganesh idol. Instead keep in interior so that when you move out of the main door you encounter Ganesh idol.
  • Make sure there is no obstruction in the front/main entrance.
  • Avoid slanted, circular or sliding gate.
  • Doors should be placed in correct direction so that there is no risk in future. If any of door especially main door is placed in direction then there are some frequent complications that one has to bear for instance- robbery, enmity, diseases, downfall, loss of money and loss of offspring etc.
  • Do not hang any evil picture as it signals destruction.
  • Doors can have picture of Laxmi seated on lotus flower with accompanyingelements