Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vastu Tips for Your Business Growth

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Are you not happy with the erratic performance of your company? Have you incurred losses in your business endeavours in the past? One of the reasons could be that you might not have set-up your office in the right manner, leading to it  not giving you the desired results.

For this, the best thing is to get Vastu done for your office. Implementing the science of Vastu Shastra in your workspace could be really beneficial to you and your business career.
If you can do the work alone, you can simply follow the popular Vastu Shastra tips to change the office and see the rapid change in your business:
•Ensure that there is no obstacle placed near or in front of the main doors of the workspace.
•Make sure the reception area faces towards the North eastern zone of the office. Also, ensure the receptionist faces in a Northerly direction.
•Try to install the telephone receivers and tables mainly in the South westerly direction of the office.
•If possible, place a fish aquarium with 9 goldfish and just 1 blackfish to visualize great success.
Following these Vastu tips may not show you immediate results but would certainly give you excellent benefits in the long run.