Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vastu tips for students

Image result for study table pictures Image result for study table pictures

Image result for study table pictures
  •  Study table location is very important for students. First of all choose regular shape study table of moderate size means neither very big nor very small for your kids. Place the Study table facing East or North direction for better concentration and always keep their table and space clutter free. 
  • There should be some distant between wall and study table to regulate the flow of energy. Place a well lit lamp on South-east corner of study table
  • Bookshelf should be placed in East, North or North-east direction and do not place anything in the middle of the room.
  • Windows of the study room should be made in East or North direction.
  • Brush this room with subtle and light tints to make a student active which also enhance mind power. Colours have drastic influence on mood and mind.
  • There should be is no mirror in the room which reflects the books as this can double the workload and create lot of pressure on students.
  • You can also place Saraswati Yantra near your child’s bedside or study table.
Remember all these Vastu remedies and guidelines will help you only when you continue your hard work as these are only increase the positivity energy around you and remove the hurdles which comes in your way because of the negativity flows in atmosphere. Use these guidelines to get some extra support in your career success.