Sunday, October 18, 2015

Vastu Tips for a happy, prosperous home!

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1)    If the sculpture of a ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ has been established in your home (Also known as ‘Murti            Sthapana’ or ‘Murti pratishthan’) then try your best to revere it on regular basis.
2)    Always play devotional songs or hymns for some time in the morning. These help ward off the                negative energies that must have entered with the darkness the previous night.
3)    Never keep the broomstick in standing position. Don’t touch it with feet. Also, do not cross over it            as this allows poverty to enter in. Always keep the broomstick hidden or at a place which is not              visible upfront.
4)    Never have food on bed as this causes nightmares.
5)    Never keep your footwear spread on the floor of the house as this brings disharmony in the home.
6)    Always pray in the morning between 6 and 8 AM only. Try your best to face either East or North            direction while offering prayers. It is considered better if one offers prayers while sitting on a                   jutemat.
7)    Always take out first ‘chapati’ for cow as this appeases Gods and the ancestors.
8)    Always keep a ‘kalash’ filled with water near the prayer place or temple at home. Preferably, this            place should be the ‘Ishan Kon’ or Northeast direction of your home.
9)    Never blow ‘aarti’, ‘deep’ or any holy fire with mouth as this is considered inauspicious.
10)  Always keep the incensed material of the temple (‘dhoop’, ‘agarbatti’, ‘Hawan’ material etc) in the           ‘Agni Kon’ or the Southeast direction of your home.
11)   Always make a ‘Swastik’ symbol on the right side of the main entrance of the home.
12)   Never allow the cob webs to develop on the walls of your home as this leads to a bad effect on             one’s fortune and deeds.
13)   Atleast once a week one should mop the home with rock salt or ‘sendha namak’. This dispels                 negative energies from home.
14)   Try that the first rays of the sun may reach your prayer place or temple.