Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vastu for Helth

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  • According to Vastu, a staircase in the exact centre of the house would lead to health problems. So, take care to get the stairs built in a corner.

  • General health can be improved by sleeping with the head towards the south. Sleeping on the left is recommended for people with “Vaatha” and “Khapha” constitutions, while sleeping on the right in recommended for those with “Pittha” constitutions.

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  • Heavy furniture should not be kept in the middle of the house, as it is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept as empty as possible.

  • Ensure that there are no overhead beams running through the centre of the house or it would lead to a disturbed mind.

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  • It is important to keep the central area or the Brahmasthan clear of any heavy concrete structures. The Brahmasthan should be kept open and free from heavy objects, pillars and beams. Install a Reiki charged crystal grid in the Brahmasthan, to keep the whole house energized.
  • One of the main causes behind sickness is an imbalance of the fire element in the house. If your house faces south, with a slope towards that direction, or the generator room faces northeast and the underground water tank is in southeast, the possibility of health problems will continue to exist. To cure the situation, make sure that the gate along the south wall always remains shut. Secondly, the gate should be high and made of wood, so that the road outside is not visible.
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  • Lighting a candle in the fire zone (southeast direction) daily is important for good health.
  • If someone in your house is keeping unwell, keep a burning candle in his/her room, for a couple of weeks.
  • Vastu links the health and illness with the placement of kitchen in the house. If the kitchen is not located in the fire zone, the occupants will be vulnerable to health disorders. So, always plan the kitchen in the southeast direction.

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  • The boundary wall of the house should be of same height as the gate. Growing citrus plants on either sides of the gate promotes good health.

Keep the heavy weight generator, if any, in the northwest or southeast direction and the water tank in the north or northeast.

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