Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sum Vastu resolutions that can be followed without making any major changes in the existing building:

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  • A puja room in the house is must in every house
  • Light a lamp daily evening near water pot in the house
  • Cactus should not be planted or kept in the house
  • The statue of Hanumanji should not be placed in South-East. It may create fire hazard
  • All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside
  • The hinges of doors should be noiseless. If so. The hinges may be greased periodically
  • The doors should open towards right hand
  • Bed should not be put under a beam
  • There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room
  • Efforts should be made a leave the rooms open on North-East side
  • Image result for toilet vastu picWhile ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the North or the East

  • The seat of the toilet should face North-South

  • Image result for vastu shastra almirah positionAlmirahs and beds should be set very close to the South-West wall and at a distance from the North-East wall
  • While drinking water keep your face towards North-East
  • While Taking meals the plate should be in South-East
  • In the South-West Corner of the house one should sleep pointing his head towards South
  • Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form should not be placed in the residence or place of business
  • Keep the northeast of any room or building as clean, open & clutter-free as possible

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