Sunday, November 15, 2015

8 Things To Keep In Mind When Constructing A House

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  •  The very first brick of a foundation must be laid in the eastern or northern part of the house.
  • When digging the plot one must never start from the west, south or southwest direction.
  • The very first room has to be constructed at southwest side.
  • Construction of houses on a square or rectangular plot is extremely important and excellent from every aspect. However, if one opts for a rectangular shape, the proportion of the sides must never be more than two ratio one.
  • Bigger sized plots are more favorable, as they tend to bring wealth. But they must not contain cleavages, or cracks.
  • The house must always be open from every side, this means it must never be contiguous to any other building (two houses must never have a common wall). Also, a house must never be crammed between two houses.
  • Plots with triangular shapes are extremely inauspicious.
  • A small plot sandwiched between two bigger plots is inauspicious, and the owner of such a plot can undergo a lot of problem.

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