Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sum Vastu tips for Industry or Factory (1)

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13   Toilets must be placed in Northwest or Western corners but should never be constructed in the Northeast                    and Southwest corners. While septic tank must be build in North-west/North or South-east/South. 
14   Basement should be constructed in the east, North or Northeast corner of the proposed building. 
15   Heavy machinery should be placed in the Southwest, West & South zones. 
16   Northeast and centers of the building should be avoided for placing anything heavy. 
17  The heat zone or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be in the                 Southeast corner. 
18  No garbage should be dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or at the site, north or the east corner                 should always be kept free and clean. 
19  The beam should never run above the machines & the workers.
20  The finished goods should be packed and placed on the North-West side
21   For early dispatching and good profits, make the provision of keeping finished goods in North-west. 
22   Raw material or stocks must be dump in west or south-west portion.
23   South or South-west area is appropriate for workshop and maintenance work.
24   A puja room or a temple should be in the northeast corner and should be kept neat and clean. 
25   Electrical equipments, meters, generators, boilers etc must be located in the South-east direction. 
26   Machines heavy or lighter should be located in North or East sides but avoid centre, North-east or North-west.
27   Lawn and Landscaping should be done in the North or East
28   Tube-well or bore well must be made provision in North-east and this area should be kept light and clean.                     Overhead tanks must be placed in South-west.


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